2020-07-01 | Parental Alienation UK | Erin Pizzey

In this interview, Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey, a British activist known for founding the first and currently the largest domestic violence shelter in the modern world, Refuge, then known as Chiswick Women’s Aid, in 1971, delves into the issue of parental alienation. She shares her perspective on how a parent’s animosity towards their partner can cause them to involve their children in a conflict that should not concern them. Pizzey highlights the varying degrees of parental alienation and its devastating repercussions on children’s lives.

The conversation also touches upon intergenerational family violence and dysfunction, which Pizzey characterizes as a well-researched, evidence-based issue. She underscores the significance of putting children’s needs above the desire to destroy a partner, as failure to do so can result in dysfunction and enduring harm. Erin Pizzey further elaborates that parental alienation is not merely child abuse, but can also be equated to a form of child murder, as it annihilates the child’s hope and love.

Pizzey wraps up the interview by emphasizing the urgency of addressing parental alienation, as it is inflicting damage on another generation of children and has escalated to epidemic levels. She urges a collaborative effort to cease harming children and prioritize their welfare.

Throughout the interview, Pizzey speaks passionately about the plight of children caught in the crossfire of parental alienation. She laments the fact that many parents fail to recognize the consequences of their actions on their children’s emotional well-being. Pizzey encourages parents to separate their personal conflicts from their roles as caregivers, ensuring that their children’s needs are met and that they are provided with a loving and supportive environment.

Erin Pizzey’s extensive experience in the field of domestic violence prevention grants her a unique perspective on the matter. Her work with Refuge, which began as Chiswick Women’s Aid, has provided support and shelter to countless women and children affected by domestic violence. In discussing parental alienation, Pizzey demonstrates her deep understanding of the complex nature of family dynamics and the importance of addressing these issues in order to break the cycle of violence and dysfunction.

As a seasoned activist, Pizzey’s insights on parental alienation serve as a reminder that society must be vigilant in identifying and addressing the needs of vulnerable children. By promoting awareness and understanding of this issue, Pizzey hopes to encourage more parents to take responsibility for their actions and create healthier, more nurturing environments for their children.

In conclusion, Erin Pizzey’s interview sheds light on the critical issue of parental alienation, the consequences of which can be devastating for children involved. Through her work as a pioneering activist and founder of the world-renowned domestic violence shelter, Refuge, Pizzey has demonstrated a commitment to supporting and advocating for those affected by violence and dysfunction. As she emphasizes the urgency of confronting parental alienation, Pizzey encourages a collective effort to protect children and prioritize their well-being.


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